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You’ve got your back. Image courtesy of Tegan Mierle via Unsplash

It’s time to confront them head on. Image courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Unsplash

You are in between the dark and light of your inner child. Image courtesy of Brian Matangelo via Unsplash

I made a commitment to avoid alcohol before I knew the pandemic was coming. Luke Southern via Unsplash

Let an apology bloom from within. Image courtesy of Lina Trochez via Unsplash

Color, plants, placement of chairs. It’s all covered in the art of Feng Shui. Image courtesy of Stefan Tan via Unsplash

An ancient practice with modern twists

We’re all on the inside looking out. Image courtesy of Joshua Rawson-Harris via Unsplash

A happy middle. Image courtesy of Joshua Coleman via Unsplash

You are here, so stay present. Image courtesy of Alex Marinkovic via Unsplash

Time to eat! Image courtesy of Oladimeji Ajegbile via Pexels


Founder of, host of comedy podcast Stoned N’ Social, Empowerment Speaker, Conscious Coach, + intuition fiend. Nerdy, hippy-dippy cosmic girl.

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